Plan Changed to Free From Pro

Plan changed from Pro to free without any prompt from our side.
February invoice is sent with the correct amount and subscription.

@Laurie will be able to help you

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If you haven’t already, create a ticket about this issue (mention this thread link in it) and send the ticket number here.
Then it’s easier for the issue to be tracked by any Cloudflare employees that come across this thread.


Hi @user78912,

Checking our systems there has been no ticket created by you so that our team can share the confidential information regarding your account. Please note: If payment for a recurring charge for a Cloudflare plan or add-on/subscription is unsuccessful after five (5) days, your account is automatically downgraded to a Free plan. Downgrading to a Free plan does not suspend your website, but you will lose any subscriptions or add-on services associated with the Pro, or Business plan.


Great, thank you for your clarification. That’s exactly what happened :+1:

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