Placing unfinished Custom Domain into Cloudflare

Hi everyone. I am at present placing some Custom Domain into Cloud flare. I did do one previously and when it was finished it was presented on the front page as “Active” with a green tick. Now 2 more Custom Domains I tried to present into Cloudflare and before I could finish the whole thing it fell out of the page. It is listed at the front page as “Pending Nameserver Update”. I was at the section where I had to delete any A records present and create a new A record. But somehow I was thrown out of the page and I do not know how to get back to that section. Help anyone.

Hi @schultzaubrey705, the name server change is still pending. You need to contact your domain registrar and ask them to remove the existing name servers and replace them with the two that are shown on the dns app of the cloudflare dashboard for those two domains. It will take up to 24 hours for us to see that change and the site will be active with that green check you mentioned :heavy_check_mark:

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I don’t know what you mean by the existing name servers

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And why do I have to replace it with the two that are in Cloudflare? The next best solution is to delete these custom domains from Cloudflare and start again. I did get a solution for this from here but * cannot find it here.

That’s the way that cloudflare works, the change is in order for us to be able to route your traffic to your site and keep your site secure.

I’d like to delete these 2 and start again. I did it about 2 days ago. I was told to click on review at the top of the page then scroll to the bottom of the page. However I cannot see Review at the top of the page. Can you direct me how to delete these two Custom Domains please?

Hi @schultzaubrey705, after you delete the domains, you’ll need to re-add them and change the name servers at that time in order to use cloudflare. As the site is not yet active, removing them will make very little difference, they’ll disappear from the account eventually if the name servers are not changed to cloudflare.

To remove the domains, login, click on the domain, from the overview app for each domain (in the lower right corner), select Remove Site from Cloudflare.

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Go to the DNS tab for the domain you added. Add/ remove records as needed and the nameservers are listed there as well.

Thanks everyone.

Silly me. I was not clicking on the Domain

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