Piwik App causes Google Adwords to report "Malicious Code"

Not sure where to raise this issue. We prefer Piwik for our analytics, however, Google has disabled our Adwords campaigns on all of our sites that have had Piwik enabled. Their reason is “Malicious or unwanted software” - They then sent us the following email in response:

It goes on to referencing the code from Piwik:

" > > Examples : Failure to be transparent about the functionality that the software provides or the full implications of installing the software; failing to include Terms of Service or an End User License Agreement; bundling software or applications without the user’s knowledge; making system changes without the user’s consent; making it difficult for users to disable or uninstall the software; failing to properly use publicly available Google APIs when interacting with Google services or products

Troubleshooter: Unwanted software

  1. Check your ad and destination to make sure it complies with the Google Unwanted Software Policy.
  2. Edit the ad and / or destination.Editing the ad will resubmit the ad and its destination for review. Most ads are reviewed within one business day, but some can take longer if they need a more complex review.

However, I will be happy to work with you through the entire process to get the website fixed. Meanwhile, please find my observations as below:

Affected webpage links:


It would seem incredibly unlikely that CloudFlare would intentionally allow the abuse of a Google Policy, so I am almost certain that this is a misunderstanding on Google’s part. Unfortunately, there was no solution from Google outside of disabling the Piwik Analytics - which is absurd considering it collects similar information as Google’s Analytics does.

This seems like an extremely unfair situation where Google forces people into using their Analytics by blacklisting other Analytics software. Does anybody else familiar with this issue and have a remedy that they’ve found?


Sorry for the issues @kbaylog, the folks at [email protected] may be best suited to opine on this issue and suggest a work around. Please post back and let us know how it works out.