Pinterest can't download Woocommerce or XML feed


Somehow Cloudflare is preventing XML feeds to be downloaded from my clients website.

As soon as I disable Cloudflare it is working, but when it is one, Pinterest can’t download the feed.

There are a few things I tried:

  • Disable Bot Fight Mode (No succes)
  • Add WAF Rule (Field: Useragent | Operator Contains | Value Pinterestbot >> Choose action Skip) >> No Luck
  • Disable hotlink protection
  • Configuration Rule (same as WAF >> Turn of browser integrity check, security level = essentially off

The issue must be Cloudflare, as it is working without, but what else can I try to fix this issue?

Kind regards,


Hello, do you observe any specific error message on the site / in the console log when this issue occurs? Can you please share a screenshot of the error?

Hi Paige, thanks for your reply

That’s another issue, no error log with regards to Pinterest

The only clue I have is when I upload the XML with Cloudflare on, Pinterest can’t download it, and with Cloudflare off they can.

I’m aware this is very limited information, but that’s exactly the reason why I’m stuck as well