Pinterest Bot unable to read metadata from my site

Cloudflare is blocking Pinterest bots, and I have no idea why.

I have been using Cloudflare for my site, and Pinterest could fetch data without any problems, but since the last few days, there is some issue occoured that pinterest bots are unable to access my site metadata for there rich pin.

Please advise

you can check the issue on

Thanks in advance

Did you see any firewall events appear in the dashboard?

I did not create any firewall rule.

It doesn’t necessary that the traffic is blocked by firewall rule. It could be Bot Fight Mode, Security Level, etc.

Bot Fight Mode is also off.

Do you have hotlink protection on? Scrape Shield?

No, the hotlink protection is also off.

Previously pinterest can validate the url of my site and can also read he Richpins. This issue start from last few days and I did not make any changes on cloudflare.

Do you able to contact Pinterest support and ask them what caused the blocking? Try to get as much information as possible.

Create an issue ticket with pinterest support team via a form available on their website, but did not get any response from their side. Even they did not provide any reference number to follow the status.

Please help to resolve the issue soon.

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