Pinging my website reveals the web host IP, not Cloudflare's. We're completely naked online!

My Cloudflare DNS records show that I’m set up for Cloudflare, as well as being assigned two Cloudflare nameservers, however I pinged my website and it points to the web host IP, not Cloudflare. This makes us open to DDOS attacks. How do I fix this before it becomes a major issue?

There’s something wrong with the setup. Are you sure those Cloudflare DNS records are set to :orange:?

How long ago did you set this up? It could be a DNS propagation delay.

Yes, all of the cloud icons are orange.

It was set up almost 2 months ago, but 2 days ago we migrated to a new server. DNS propagation should be finished by now, as it should only take 0-12 hours.

As long as it’s :orange:, it should stay hidden. Since you most likely don’t want to reveal your domain, you’re going to have to contact Support and get their say on what’s going on: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

Can you post a screen shot of your DNS settings? But blur the sensitive information if you’d like. Sorta like the attached. Do you have any wildcard entries?

Hi guys, problem solved. The host, which incidentally controls the domain registrar, failed to set up the nameservers on their end. When contacted, they said it was a CF issue, when it clearly wasn’t.

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