Pingdom Alert Triggered 301 Redirect

Hi All,

We have our application configured with the Cloudflare. We also have a Pingdom Monitoring for this application.

Recently we received an alert from Pingdom that the application had a 301 Redirect (marked as outrage). And as we see the logs, the request is as expected received by the Cloudflare.

GET / HTTP/1.0
User-Agent: Pingdom.com_bot_version_1.4_(

Received Header:

  • 301 Moved Permanently
  • Date : Sat, 11 Jan 2020 11:06:01 GMT
  • Connection : close
  • Cache-Control : max-age=3600
  • Expires : Sat, 11 Jan 2020 12:06:01 GMT
  • Location :
  • Server : cloudflare
  • CF-RAY : 55366b3cfbe7d5ec-BOM

Could anyone please provide more information on this please so that we can resolve these issues from the Pingdom monitoring.


That will be the usual HTTPS redirect. Either you remove that from Cloudflare or mark 301s as okay, however overall that really rather is a question for Pingdom than for the forum here.

Hi Sandro,

Thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately Pingdom does take the redirects into account while measuring the outrages.


In that case your only option is to remove the redirect or you configure the HTTPS URL on Pingdom.

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