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Hi folks!

We’re using Cloudflare with a Magento eCommerce site, part of the setup is a redirect to a finance website where people can finance their purchase before it hands you back to the website. For anyone familiar with Magento there is notes added to an order within the backend.

The issue is as follows: When Cloudflare is NOT enabled, we get a series of messages back from the finance system saying such things as ‘esigniture signed’ , completed etc. When Cloudflare is enabled these messages back to the site are blocked.

I’ve seen that you can add IP whitelisting however due to the finance site changing IP regularly this would not work. We tried adding rule with a cache bypass rule and then again without the initial * but neither seemed to allow the full order details to feed back to the site.

If anyone has any ideas I’d hugely appreciate your input.

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Are you seeing events in your firewall logs indicating these requests are being blocked?

And have you by chance installed the Cloudflare plugin for Magento? It sets a number of Magento specific page rules.

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