Ping to and now over 200ms

Using currently in Perth, Western Australia.

When I was using Google Public DNS (, pinging or would show 55-60ms tracing to their Sydney servers. would be either <10ms if hitting the Perth cache, or 55-60ms to their Sydney servers.

But now I am getting 220ms ping to,, and

Tracert is showing that it’s hitting googles network in Sydney at 51ms, then bouncing through a couple more google IP’s ending up on at 220ms.

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Yeah, that is a known problem cause by then not sharing your IP range to upstream DNS. I don’t think it will ever be solved.

It was already discussed here:

It’s the main issue that is preventing me to use it, since on some locations I have 1 Gigabit internet the distance that Google’s servers are in this cases it’s slowing the entire connection. For me Google goes from ~3 ms (next city from me) to more than 20.

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It could be interesting if Cloudflare were to experiment with this, take 1.0.0.x and 1.1.1.x and set up a .2 that does pass the subnet.

Personally, I don’t think it is much of a privacy issue for my usecase as the very next thing that happens for a vast majority of queries is that I will make a connection (from my IP) to the service in question.

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Yeah agreed, maybe drop the last group, but it would benefit all outside the US. Would that be something you even consider @cs-cf?

We’re exploring a number of options and talking with some of the major consumers of Client-Subnet. Well, not me… people who actually know what they are doing. :slight_smile:

Privacy vs. utility is always a hard problem to solve. There is no perfect answer, but I anticipate we’ll have more information in the not too distant future.


I would love to use but this is preventing me to even think about it…

So what is that actual issue that’s causing these higher ping times?

The problem is that Google (like Akamai and others) uses EDNS Client-Subnet to reply with the closest server (or best server) for each user based on it’s IP. Since Cloudflare’s doesn’t send that to them the replies are not perfectly localized and it falls back to their main IP for each region (main POPs instead of local cache for example), causing for some higher pings and maybe lower speeds.


Good afternoon. Is there any news on this topic?

Many thanks!!!

Also from Perth and using and noticed that this issue seems to have been fixed? Pinging now shows 53ms (

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