Ping time is a lot

well ping time is very big when i make record is proxied , any help with that , btw i’m using free plan , is it related ?

Can you provide more details? What is the exact ping time? Are you pinging a specific subdomain or the root domain? Which location are you pinging from? Is the high latency only when proxied? The free plan usually doesn’t impact latency, but more details will help.

I’m pinging the root domain , the ping time is 300ms , but the server ping (without cloudflare ) is 8 ms , i’m pinging from Bahrain

The route your request takes to Cloudflare will be determined by your ISP’s routing and peering decisions.

You can check which Cloudflare PoP you reach for your domain by going to (use your own site in place of Look for the colo= result.

The trace is


So how can i change the colo to the nearest place ?

Your requests are going to Paris (CDG). You will need to complain to your ISP about their routing.

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This looks very similar to Latency to proxied DNS entries high since 2024-01-30T07:09:15CET.

DTAG who is ISP in many European countries, routes requests to European backend servers behind Cloudflare over USA, leading to very long ping times. Their support says its Cloudflare’s fault and hence does nothing. Since it is Cloudflare sites exclusively, who suffer from these very long ping/request times (sometimes 2 seconds), it is obviously something on both ends. I don’t know how routes are negotiated, but probably Cloudflare sends/has some confusing (for those ISPs) meta data, or something like that.

Regarding DTAG, the issue is solved when the site switches to Cloudflare pro plan, which leads to different edge serves, who do not suffer from this issue. However, I hope that there is some motivation do not have the free plan as a degradation for websites, compared to not using Cloudflare at all.

To solve this, I guess both, Cloudflare and affected ISPs, need to communicate, to sort this out. Both just blaming the other one to be the culprit does not solve customer/user problems.