Ping high tedata egypt isp by telecome egypt


Even isend ticket to Cloudflare support thanks for looking the results on photo Iwas testing speed using speed test

EDIT by @matteo: removed image due to user’s location and IP visible.


Cloudflare isn’t responsible for your bandwidth or latency issues.

Or I simple didn’t get it. What’s your issue exactly? :thinking:


Is websites loading slow using Cloudflare


Well. 2 MBit is not that much bandwidth. helps with name resolution which speeds up a bit the translation from DNS to IP.
Are you able to run a traceroute or ping from your phone?

Android supports at least the ping command but you need terminal access.

This app may help you. Just install it.It should show “Local Terminal”. Tap it and execute


Other commands are usually not supported.


Is there website Ican test with because the app doesn’t work


You can run the same command in any computer, just open terminal in UNIX/Linux/macOS or cmd in Windows.


There is not pc near me is there any other way or app ?


Sure, try this one. Seems that it provides dnsutils as well

But it’s possible that you need root to use all features. I don’t know this app :pensive:


here it’s testing on website



that’s websites which I tested ping on since there is not pc near me




That’s only websites which ifound to do test on have a great day all! Hope issue get fixed


Yeah. But the ping was executed from the website’s server :wink:

That doesn’t help here :disappointed:


if you look up it shows your ip adress that one is ip adress of my isp service provider which icurrenlty use


Sure it does show your ip. But the ping is executed froma data center where the server is located. Not from your internet connection.

Hard to say what’s the issue here without a few diagnostic data.

It could be your internet connection
As stated in my first post, 2MBit isn’t that much. It could also be arousing issue, or willingly routed not optimal by your ISP. Or…

I don’t know what’s the next DNS at your location. Maybe it’s in a different country which can have an impact on the performance as well.


Alright now isee impvorvement thanks again will let know if something happens but as of now it’s faster thanks again