Ping any of the DNS records are invalid, such as ping domain or mail.domain


I used the DNS service many years and everything smoothly before. Today, I found there was a problem that I cannot access all the A record pointer, such as, and etc.

I used ping to check these domain and sub-domain but all the result were unresolved.

I checked my Cloudflare account of the domain status is active. I don’t know what happen? Can somebody help?

Also, I saw WAW (Warsaw) on 2024-05-27 is maintenance, will it effect all the DNS services (inactive / not working)?


Unfortunately it is difficult to say without being able to check the actual domain, but some pointers here.

  • Have you tested from other resolvers using a tool like - ? - Is this working?
  • Run your domain through a tool like Free Whois Lookup - Whois IP Search & Whois Domain Lookup | - This will allow you to confirm that the domain is still registered and active and not disabled for some reason, you can also use this to confirm the correct Cloudflare authoritative nameservers are set for your domain, that are assigned to your zone in your Cloudflare dashboard.

Hope this helps!

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