Pin or Favorite sites on the Dashboard home page

Could we get the option to “pin” or “favorite” certain websites to the top of the Dashboard home page? My particular account hosts multiple domain names, most of which are simply present for redirects. It would be great if I could “pin” my high-traffic sites to the top of the page.


I could have sworn I heard about some sort of “tag” feature, but I can’t remember if that was for DNS records, or for the domains listing.

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Tagging DNS records would be great too.

I know we obviously have a search feature, but any reduction of clicks or keystrokes on the dash home would be tremendously helpful for customers with many domains.

Sorry for reviving this 2 year old post. But was wondering about this as well. We have a bunch of domains in our account and I would like to pin/favorite them to the top of the dashboard. Even better would be the domains dropdown, as I currently have to paginate it and that takes a second or two.

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