Pihole Cloudflared DoH no longer works


I was following the instructions here https://docs.pi-hole.net/guides/dns/cloudflared/ to re-install my Cloudflared on my Pihole and noticed the command cloudflared service install --legacy no longer works. When I did it without the --legacy flag, it asks for tunnel ID and cred file.

Before we go into the details, I just want to double-check; does DoH on Pihole no longer work without the tunnel setup in Cloudflare?

Thank you.

This is something that is reported on the pi.hole docs report: Cloudflared installation fails with current cloudflared version · Issue #679 · pi-hole/docs · GitHub

Let me try something and see if it is an easy fix

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You can just the manual way to setup cloudflared.

I have made a PR to remove the outdated section of the documentation Remove the automatic cloudflared by Cyb3r-Jak3 · Pull Request #858 · pi-hole/docs · GitHub

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Thank you for looking into this and responding to me. I have set it up following the “Manual way” and the dig command using port 5053 works – it returns a server. However, pihole still cannot resolve the DNS requests. For instance, nslookup fails because it still uses port 53. Same goes for the ping.

I appreciate if this is out of the scope of this discussion but I just wanted to check whether there are things I can do to rule out that this isn’t the issue with cloudflared (or has the dig command already proved that)?

Thank you.

RESOLVED – turns out pihole had a wrong date, somehow. I had to manually update it via the date command. Once that was done, everything started working again (nslookup, ping, etc).

It’s amazing how having the wrong time can break everything.

Thanks again for your help.

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