Pictures not visible from all domains

We send newsletters from several domains without problems through Cloudflare CDN.

But one domain is not working like the others.

Pictures in newsletters from this domain aren’t visible in Outlook client on PC.

But newsletters from our other domains using the same template are visible.

Does anybody have a solution or an explanation for this?

Hello, please share the following information:

  • What is the domain?
  • Are you observing any errors?
  • Please provide a screenshot of what you are observing
  • What have you tried so far to resolve this issue?


Thank you for responding. HEre you have a longer description of the problem,

We have two different websites, let’s call them “Website A” ( and “Website B” ( We include pictures in these newsletters to make them visually appealing.

Website A ( When people using Outlook from a PC get newsletters from this website and open them in Outlook on their computers, they can’t see the pictures in the newsletters. It’s like the images are invisible og the picture link is missing. But it’s not. It’s working fine but visible.

Website B ( However, when people receive newsletters from this website and open them in the same Outlook program on their PC, the pictures show up just fine. No issues here.

This situation is puzzling because both websites are set up similarly for sending out newsletters, but for some reason, Outlook on a PC is behaving differently for each website. It doesn’t make sense that the pictures are only visible from one website and not the other.

In essence, there’s an inconsistency: Pictures from Website A don’t show up in Outlook, while pictures from Website B do show up in Outlook. The setup for both websites is alike, but Outlook treats them differently, and this is causing confusion.

When we use Outlook for mac, the Outlook webclient and the new Outlook beta client all pictures are visible for both domains.

But our customers are complaining about the missing pictures from our newsletter from