Pictures do not work, the debt is paid

Pictures do not work, the debt is paid. My site

I can see you are using Image Resizing feature and pictures result in 404 not found error.

Despite images are loading fine:


Doesn’t WordPress have options to define picture resolutions and resize pictures on upload and set and use them as srcset for specific viewports (by default since v4.4)? :thinking:

Otherwise, did you received some error upon placing a payment or were you overdue? :thinking:

I’d suggest you to write to billing[at]cloudflare[dot]com. @laurie

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I wrote but still no answer.

Can please Share your ticket Id here as already fritex tagged Laurie so she will reply to you as soon as possible :relaxed:

Hi @dimalinnik,
I see that you have just replied to the ticket from the super administrator email for the account, and just today ordered a new plan for your account. I would recommend that you add a bit more detail to the ticket as it is not clear if there is an issue with a certain product you are using or something else here.

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