phpBB3 dropping sessions


During last few days I’ve noticed very large increase of unexpected logouts on phpBB3 website. The problem was seen before, but it was not happening so often.

Users are logged out, because their session cookie is recreated almost every time they reload page. The problem does not exists when the website is accessed directly without Cloudflare.

My configuration is:

  • Apache 2.4, PHP 7.2
  • phpBB 3.2
  • mod_cloudflare installed
  • IP address validation for session disabled (phpBB configuration option)

The moment when it started dropping sessions is not correlated with any change of code or configuration on our server.

Did any one had the similiar problem? Do you know any fix or workaround?

Generally it is unlikely to be because of Cloudflare. Cloudflare only passes through the requests.

I presume you are not using any load balancer, respectively have a working mod_cloudflare setup and the client IP addresses are properly handled. Correct?

Whats the URL and can you provide a demo account?

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Are you using Bypass cookie option? (in case you have business plan?)

No, I have only one server, so there is no load balancer. And yes, I have mod_cloudflare working, so client addresses are handled properly.

Sorry, I can’t give the URL to public. I can share it privately. But, as I said before,the problem show very randomly (recently very often).

Unfortunately I don’t have business plan :-/

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