PHPBB and avatars

Hi all

I seem to be having an issue with avatars on one of my PHPBB forums

Basically the avatars will show for a while then all of a sudden they stop loading altogether!

I have narrowed this down to the Cloudflare cache stopping these from showing

Is there anyway to bypass this?

Can you expand on what you mean by “stopping them from showing”? Is there a particular error that is returned? Do you have any example URLs where we can reproduce this issue?

You can setup Cache Rules to bypass the cache on specific paths though if needed, though I would very much doubt that’s necessary for avatars.

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Basically they show up like a broken image thats not there anymore then eventually they will start to show again

Connecting to the forum through my mobile phone gives different results to a browser on a pc too ie they sometimes show on my mobile but not on my pc and a few others are having the same issue

have a look here and at the attachment avatars missing - BMW R1200RT/R1250RT Forum

Looking at an example image such as,qavatar=6094_1661583063.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.pHiUDQ-D_y.webp, which is broken, I don’t see this passing through Cloudflare, at all. It’s hitting your origin directly, and Apache - note how there’s no cf-* headers, or server: cloudflare header in the response.

So this issue isn’t with Cloudflare - it’s at your origin somewhere.

Yes I have just figured that out

It was mod_pagespeed in the apache config

I have just uninstalled that and everything works as it should

Thanks for the help

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