Phpbb 3.2 admin login problem

Hello everyone,
I can’t log in to my website after redirecting dns servers to the Cloudflare ones.
Everything’s been fine till that moment. Now just can’t get through the second password check that always worked, passed and got me to the forum ACP.
Is it possible this is caused by dns change?

Possibly some settings. Some questions:

Would you mind to tell us the domain?
What error is it exactly?
Did you activate “Cache Everything”?
Are there any Page Rules active?

Thx for your response.
Error “You do not have administrator rights, so you do not have access to the administration panel.”
Cache Everything - tell me pls do you mean this?
If so, yes, I have just activated Page Rule “cache everything”

What does this Page Rule look like?

Cache Everything is not recommended to be used on pages with logins.

Can users register and login to your forum?
You could try a second page rule for the ACP URL and deactivate caching.


Cache Level - Bypass

Take care about the asterisks

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