PHP Upgrade

How can I update my PHP? I’ve tried contacting Cloudflare but it’s impossible.

I have seen a few posts in the community for this then a response saying Cloudflare don’t host your site. Cloudflare do host my site and I can’t find anywhere to update it.

My site is now broken and has been for weeks. I’m really desperate to sort this.


Cloudflare does not host or run php on its platform at all. Cloudflare may be your host in some cases, but it is absolutely not the host of a php website. Cloudflare sits in front of your host, protecting it and providing features, optimizations, and more, which is why it may appear on IP lookups for your domain and such.

If you need help finding who hosts your site, in your Cloudflare dashboard, inside of your website, under DNS → Records (Magic Link:, find the record for your site, should be type A/AAAA/CNAME, name just being your site itself (like If it’s an IP Address (A/AAAA Record), you can use one of many lookup tools like Free Whois Lookup - Whois IP Search & Whois Domain Lookup | to try to find the owner of the IP. If it’s a CNAME, the target should give you a hint as who is hosting it.
The lookup or target should provide a hint of who may be your host. Otherwise, you may need to look through old emails or invoices.
If you can link your domain name, one of the helpful community members here may also be able to dig up something or gleam more information on why your site is broken.


My cname, whois etc all say Cloudflare…

Please post a screenshot of what you are seeing that is giving you the impression that your origin server is on Cloudflare.


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