PHP scripts now 403?

Ok hello everyone - new here so be gentle eh lol

OK so I wrote a Java application which works on Desktop PC/Macs and when I decided to see if it would sell, the only fair way to monetise it was a subscription basis.

So Ive built a site and built a php system whereby the Java applications will send in their tokens and be checked against the Hosts SQL for a match before returning the necessary. Also when a customer pays for a subscription, PayPal IPPN will deliver a notification…I have not checked if this is working yet.

So the site is finished and all works great, Ive diverted the htaccess for now so search engine bots do not index it yet and got the site up and running fine, paypal, java app signing in great.

Now I sign up for Cloudflair and switch over the nameservers and
The Java Apps are returning 403 on their connections
I have not tried the Paypal yet and when I switch the htaccess on is this going to beak anything

I was under impression that if I built the app, then the site, got the scripts talking to the SQL and then added the SSL maybe this would work but >>>??

Help Please!


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