Php script for purge all files api


I am aware about purge all files api doc -, but I am searching for help/example about how to run this api within a php file.
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That goes beyond help with Cloudflare. I run in ColdFusion so I don’t have php examples to share. I do have some pho experience and can get it done. But someone else will probably chime in.

I’ll give you a tip though. If you use the dev mode through api, you can immediately send the purge command too. Saves you headaches!


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I’m not a developer and APIs mystify me. For that very reason, I ended up installing Postman so that I could run a few commands that are either unavailable or not practical on the GUI.

The beauty of Postman is that, after you properly configure a request, it can then generate that same request in many, many programming languages, including PHP.

You can get Postman here

And here you’ll find, at the very end of the page, a collection of Cloudflare API requests to be used with Postman:


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I will take a look at

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