PHP getimagesize(image_url) failing when i turn on Cloudflare CDN

list($width, $height) = getimgsize($http_s_url_hosted_on_this_server);

stop working as soon as I enable Cloudflare, even though the Url is valid, and reachable in my browser. Precision: the image and the code are hosted on the same server through Siteground for which Cloudfare is enabled or not.

If Cloudflare is enabled then over https i got a “sslv3 alert handshake failure” otherwise a 404 over http. Curl function is failing the same way.

I tried deactivate security features of Cloudflare with no luck though i m not familiar about Cloudflare at all.

Any idea on what’s going on here?

It looks like your PHP code is using an older version of PHP / cURL which does not support the latest security protocols.

Cloudflare intentionally disables older and unsupported security protocols (we disabled SSLv3 back in 2014 to mitigate the POODLE vulnerability).

You will need to upgrade your PHP/ cURL version to the latest which support the latest TLS protocols. Here is a link to the protocols Cloudflare supports.

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