PHP Bulletin Board

Hi, I have a PHP bulletin board on my site and an issue with Cloudflare is preventing users from posting on it. I have been on Cloudflare for about a year and the posting issues are recent…within last 2 weeks or so. I am 100% certain the issue is Cloudflare as when I pause it, after several minutes posting works again.
When a user log in and then goes to post on the forum, nothing happens and it bring them back to the log in screen again. The cycle repeats itself time and time again…no way to post.
I even tried just turning off the CF firewall (and keep CF active) but just turning off the firewall did not resolve the issue.
Please advise.
Thank you

Do you have any Page Rules set up for your site?

I have a page rule set up as a permanent redirect to https and a few individual page rules for URL name changes. The URL name changes are not for the forum though but the “main” non-forum portion of the site. The https page rules apply to the forum and main portion of site.
I do not see why those would be issues. Also none of those page rules are new…they have all been made at minimum a few months ago and earlier. The forum issue is much more recent.

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