PHP 8 is here

I am sure at least @eva2000 will join me in the celebrations :partying_face:

7.2 will be out of support in a month and everything below that is already unsupported. Make sure that you (or your host) upgrade to it as soon as possible.


@sandro party started a full 24hrs before official PHP 8 announcement for me :smiley:


On the other hand… I’m just here thinking “Ah, nice. A new PHP release. I guess I’ll update that some time.”

And that’s how I know I should keep concentrating on front-end content as much as possible. I’m not supposed to be messing around back there with code… I’ll never be a real hacker like in the movies.

True, it’s difficult to compete with them,

Considering how many companies use PHP for proper business logic (nothing of that fancy echo stuff) I guess you’d still pass perfectly as backend developer, if not we can always call it “devops” :wink:

Seriously though, nothing against PHP, it’s a lovely templating language and they really have improved a lot since 5.0, but a lot of that backend “code” I had the pleasure to deal with was really quite a bit cringy. Not saying this is primarily PHP’s fault, they used it that way, but to some extent one could say PHP let itself use that way. It certainly also depends on how one defines “backend”, but the moment it is decoupled from the HTTP request, its justification to run on PHP goes down by a lot, in my very humble opinion.

As for 8.0 itself, as @eva2000’s benchmarks already suggest they appear to have tweaked once more performance and things like the “fixed” number comparisons - even though a breaking change - are certainly for the better of the language. PHP became even more stricter, and that’s a good thing.


I think of backend as anything the intended user of the product/service doesn’t see (or things they don’t need to see, but could see if they want, like the source of a website).

If PHP is considered “easy mode” and not real code, well… I didn’t pass easy mode yet. That’s what I mean about sticking to the content creation / strategy side. But I do like having fast websites, so that lures me in to the back to tinker with things.

Updated my PHP 8.0 vs 7.4 vs 7.3 vs 7.2 vs 7.1 vs 7.0 benchmarks :sunglasses:

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