and PARTS of are blocked

I have been using PIA VPN for a couple of years with the Firestorm viewer in the bypass tunnel list (which was all that was needed until recently). Sometime in the last few months, the PhoenixViewer engineering team adopted some part of Cloudflare’s internet security stack. Since that adoption, I can still can open with PIA VPN active, but, …

all post errors, in some cases “You have been blocked”, in other cases, “ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED Code: -138” depending on whether PIA VPN is enabled or disabled (suggesting that some remnant of PIA’s network shim remains even after PIA has been disabled in their desktop app).

From the Firestorm viewer, the details are: “Cloudflare Ray ID: 86d63bf3fb9d5201 • Your IP:”, though I can pick a different PIA VPN server and get blocked just the same (maybe with a different Ray ID, I didn’t check).

I have filed a case with the PIA team, but they’re unprepared to address ANY concerns that can’t be resolved by reinstalling their desktop product (in my case, Windows-11).

I don’t know which Cloudflare product the PhoenixViewer engineering team is using (I’m just a lowly SecondLife user, not a viewer developer), but whatever measures the engineering team has adopted, Cloudflare has crippled use of the Firestorm viewer AND prevented access to their Jira system too.

Can someone please route this issue to the right team in Cloudflare and get the security blockades softened so access isn’t impossible? is also blocked (but this system doesn’t allow for editing a post).

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

No one in the Community or at Cloudflare can make any changes to a customer’s Cloudflare settings. You will need to contact the site operator and provide them with the Ray ID, just like the block page message instructed.

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