Phishing Website

I created a phishing Website of Instagram just for testing the secure gateway.

But the cloudflare didn’t block the phishing Website, I tried even sending the link and open the link from email and cloudflare didn’t block.

I guess it’s because I was using ‘trycloudflare’ but anyone can use that domain to create a phishing Website and attack on organization.

Note that I checked typing

And gateway works perfectly

But why it’s not blocking my Instagram phishing Website

This is based on detecting known phishing domains reported by someone else.

If you just set up a new domain and no one reported it yet, then it will be uncategorized.

Check website category at

If you worry about someone else using to set up phishing websites, then just block the entire

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But what I feel is that one can create a phishing Website in couple of hours and attack on a organization. It would be better if cloudflare would be able to block such website.

You can choose to block newly registered domains isn’t it?

Thanks what’s the difference between newly seen and new domain

Good question, but I don’t have an answer for that. Maybe someone from Cloudflare can answer this.

I got it

New Domains - Domains that have been registered very recently.

Newly Seen Domains - Domains that have recently been resolved for the first time.

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What about sub domain, newly created sub domain

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