Phishing Website using CloudFlare

I would like to report phishing websites, all of these websites are own by the same people and they have so many other domains on google which are redirecting to these websites.


There is seven more websites like these.

All of these websites are selling our products under our brand ( Which is Trade Mark ) name and copy our product images, titles and description without our permission and list the products at very low price.

They do not have their company details, or any details what’s so ever and they are only taking payment via “Debit Card”.

All of their websites are using Cloudflare so I cannot find out where they are hosting these websites.

If you could please help me taking these down would be great as it’s affecting our business and SEO.

Cloudflare is not the hosting provider for listed domains/Websites.

Trust and Safety team could have a look at this issue. If the Website owner is using Cloudflare services behind the listed domains and if you believe there is an indication of an abuse violation, kindly you can submit an abuse report here:

If it is a legal issue, I am afraid you would have to pursue it with the authorities at the place where you live.

Unfortunately the Cloudflare community cannot help a lot with these kind of issues and if abuse say they cannot help about it, then I believe there is not anything else you can do.

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