Phishing Site Abuse Reported

There is a phishing website that is using Cloudflare. I’ve submitted an abuse report already. How long does it usually take for Cloudflare to check this? It’s been 24 hours already. Security vendors are not detecting these sites hiding behind Cloudflare. I’ve only been able to get Webroot to flag the site. Google Safebrowsing and Microsoft still haven’t flagged it. How does one expedite this sort of report?

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You don’t and it’s not good to post a link to a phishing site, since it increases the pool of potential victims. The Community cannot offer any assistance with abuse issues. Since you have already submitted it to Cloudflare Abuse Reporting, you have done all you can.

If you need results at a faster pace, you will need to create your own solution.


Right. My thought was to expose the site. I forget sometimes how click-happy people can get. Don’t see a way to delete or edit the post.

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You may not have the option to edit your posts yet since your account is new. I flagged the post for moderation, so the link will most likely be redacted at some point in the not too distant future.


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