Phishing - Pending Review For Weeks

I have been using Cloudflare for many years even before it was cool (since 2011). The long story short is that I left one of my websites without maintenance for some time and it got hacked and somebody notified Cloudflare and AWS that the website is involved in phishing.

I nuked the entire server and recovered the website from a safe backup and used Sucuri and many other tools to check if the website is clean and secure.

Three weeks ago I notified Cloudflare that I fixed the website, but it still says “In Review.” At this point I cannot use Cloudflare because it would add “This website is suspected of phishing” on my website and also add noindex which would totally destroy my website after three weeks of waiting.

Is there any chance that Cloudflare will ever actually “review it” and remove this warning so I could keep using it?

This belongs to the Trust & Safety team; the community can’t interfere in any of their processes. Your only option right now is to wait; we can’t tell you how long the process will take.

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