Phishing Email

On April 23, 2022 I registered 2 domain names through Cloudflare and already paid for 10 years, which secures the domain names through April 21, 2032. I am not using or paying for any other services or plans from Cloudflare.

I received the following email, allegedly from Cloudflare, on 5-24-22 and again on 5-26-22. This email seems highly suspicious, there is no contact information or suggestion of signing onto one’s account. The link provided in the email has no indication it has anything to do with Cloudfare and I am not about to randomly click a suspicious link. Instead, I signed onto my Cloudflare account to see if there was any information or notifications regarding what this email is referring to and confirmed that there are no notification on my account. I tried calling billing, then support, to find out if there were any questions about my account yet no one had any answers and suggested I forward the email to [email protected], which I did, and it sent me an automated response to fill out this Cloudflare Abuse Reporting Form. I tried to do that but it would not accept the report since the link is not a Cloudflare-based link.

I am simply trying to confirm that the email below is a phishing/scam email. The email indicates a threat of “downgrading of all paid services “ which is highly suspect since the only service I used was domain registration and have already paid for the next 10 years.

The following Suspicious Email was sent to me, allegedly from Cloudflare:

Chloe (Cloudflare Trust & Safety) [email protected]
May 24, 2022, 3:36 AM PDT


As a security check against possible payment fraud, Cloudflare will need the following details before we can proceed with the purchase of, or upgrade to a paid level plan.

Please click on the following link to provide your information. PLEASE NOTE this link is one time use and should be utilized in one sitting:

Please respond within 24hrs using the link provided.

Please know that should we not receive a response within the requested timeframe, we may need to escalate the matter – which might include the downgrading of all paid services until this matter is resolved.

Thank you,
Cloudflare Trust & Safety

Hi @elena2 I suspect it is a valid email, but I have escalated your post for one of our Billing agents to review.

Thank you – it has been a frustrating few hours of trying to get to the bottom of this.

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That email is legitimate @elena2 my colleague asked our team to reach out to you again. I suspect you’ll receive a similar email and should follow the prompts from our Trust & Safety team. Sorry for the confusion and thank you for checking.

Thank you for the response. The email seemed questionable and there is no message or notification when I sign into my account.

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