Phish Detection in Cloudflare

My site contains user hosted Html contents with scripts, css, and all others. But sometimes, users post phishing contents to the site. If cloudflare could detect that the page is suspicious, that could trigger a warning/block page.

Currently there is CSAM Scanning Tool available in the dashboard. It would be very helpful for many developers if there is a PHISH Scanning Tool aswell.

In this way i could easily avoid many phish reports to the site.

I think they already warns us about phishing pages. But not actively taking care in detecting phishing pages in cloudflare powered website.

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NO. They do warn us only when someone report to cloudflare. And cloudflare most time forward this request to the hosting provider, this may result to get our server down. If cloudflare could actively check for possible PHISH CONTENT atleast in the CACHE. And warn us, it would be helpful.

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I must say even during these hard times, many are actively posting phishing contents. And it is getting increasingly difficult for individuals to detect and react to them all.


We are having the same problem as you

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