Phinegap app get redirects to /proxy utr through cloudflare

Hi All,

We’ve got trouble after switching to Cloudflare with our mobile app. It’s made on phonegap and actually its just a webview to our website. Website itself works fine, no problems, but when application tries to get specific auth url, it gets redirect to ourdomain/proxy and doesnt work couse we dont have that url on web site.

We have tried triggering off Browser Integrity Check in Firewall settings, but it didnt help. Have no other ideas why Cloudflare sends redirect to proxy url and does it specifically for phonegap app.

Any ideas? Thanks!

I dont think this issue is related to Cloudflare.

I did some some digging into Phonegap, and found the following issues/code:

It looks like the redirect is caused by Phonegap somehow. Probably a Phonegap/misconfiguration issue?

Thanks for an idea, but I cant understand why and how it could be broken, since app starts working as soon as I turn Cloudflare off.

I’ll try to get network log from the app with enabled Cloudflare and disabled. I think some headers added which affect phonegap. Donno.

BTW is it possible to disable REVALIDATE 304 responce that Cloudflare sends?

I think (not sure) the trouble is connected with it.

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