Philly Area - Comcast and sites that use Cloudflare - Sluggish and inconsistent

For the past few weeks, basically any website that uses Cloudflare has been horribly inconsistent and sometimes slow and unusable (even spitting out secure connection failures from time to time). Mariowiki (which bypasses Cloudflare when logged in),,, you name it! ANY website that uses Cloudflare CDN.

This doesn’t occur on my friend’s FIOS, but does occur on both of my family’s Xfinity connections at different houses. Any website using Cloudflare loads much slower/more sluggishly (and sometimes not at all), especially when images are involved. Latency loading times of at least 6,000ms, suspecting that this is an ISP issue. Is there anything I can do about this? Anywhere to report to Comcast that something might be up with their infrastructure connection to Cloudflare?

Oddly, this doesn’t happen on the Cloudflare website itself, just other sites that use your services? Any advice? I’m at absolute wits end. I called Comcast, they haven’t done anything about it, someone else who runs a website through Cloudflare and had Xfinity customers report issues reported the issue to Cloudflare, they haven’t done anything either…

This happens on both modems/gateways in our house, and there’s no way that a splitter of all things is having inconsistent issues with one very specific service. It HAS to be somewhere within Comcast’s infrastructure.

I can confirm this issue and is not just in the Philly Area. I have sites hosted through Google Cloud in the US West region using Cloudflare CDN/Proxy/Caching and it loads abysmally slow. Testing through on different Xfinitiy customers resulted in sub 20Mbps on any connection regardless of what connection speed they pay for.

I have not found a solution yet but you could try switching your DNS to Cloudflare’s public DNS resolver and see if the issue is with Comcast’s DNS servers. Beyond that you can try a VPN.

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Which area are you in?

I ran the speedtest, and for whatever reason I still get good results, yet sites using Cloudflare CDN are still slow and inconsistent (it had me test on the Ashburn VA server, while most sites connect me through the Newark or DC servers). Comcast still hasn’t done anything about it, I’m at wits end… It HAS to be something on their end.