Phantom TXT/spf record

My spf records had errors, and I had TWO spf TXT files. I deleted the worst of the 2 and corrected the other one. It is showing in my control panel. But mxtoolbox reports NO spf record found, and I have lot of emails bouncing now.
I saw a reference to these changes taking 2 days to activate. Is that my problem? If so is there a way to hurry it along?
At this point I can’t even test if against various web tools to make sure it is entered correctly!

What’s the domain name?

Sorry - my domain is

Your SPF record should start v=spf1 but you have it with just v=spf

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Thanks for that tip! I thought I had seen examples of “spf” vs. “spf1”. What is the difference? Is just plain “spf” ever used?

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No, v= means “version” so the 1 indicates this is version 1 in case the format changes later. (DKIM and DMARC use the same).

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Thank you SO MUCH for the solution! My email is working again. I have a great deal to learn about spf records!!


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