Phantom A Records

For some reason Ther are two A-records pointing to and (as advised by GHL) When I look at site in cloudflare to remove these two records they are not being shown.

Can anyone advise how we can get these remove or even see these records?

Those are not phantom A records. Those are Cloudflare proxy IPs published by you when you set an entry to :orange:. The security and performance features of Cloudflare are dependent upon the traffic passing through the Cloudflare proxy. If you want traffic to route directly to your origin server, set the record to :grey: DNS Only and the address of your origin server will published instead of those of the Cloudflare proxy.

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I agree but when I look at the DNS records in Cloudflare those two do not appear and where not added by myself. Im trying to delete them but cannot delete something that is not appearing on the dashboard

If you are looking for the entry by the Cloudflare proxy IP addresses, you will never find it. You need to look for the name.

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Hi Sorry dont understand - this is a fresh install on cloudflare for a new client. Nothing has been added and should have been straight forward. There are no a records matching those IP addresses and all the other records are standard from the fresh install.
Apology but this is very confusing and appreciate your advise

Again, do not search for the Cloudflare proxy IPs. They will never be in the DNS app in your Cloudflare dashboard. If any Cloudflare proxy IPs are ever present in your DNS app, they will result in Error 1000: DNS points to prohibited IP.

Do not limit your search to A records. Proxied CNAMEs and AAAA records will also result in the A records you observed being published. You must search for the name among any :orange: entry, regardless of the RR type.

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Hi - Yes I did understand that and again nothing there! Everything is set as default i.e. webmail and so on - I have removed the client off cloudflare and going to start again once the Nameservers have resolved.

Changing the namservers only makes solving the problem take longer. If you return to Cloudflare and encounter similar symptoms, please be sure to share the domain name and any hostnames you are working with. That will insure that you can get more comprehensive assistance from the Community.


Cloudflare is a proxy service. When a customer enters an A record or CNAME record for a host and chooses to :orange: the record that means rather than return the values specified in your DNS it will return the IP address of Cloudflare’s proxy.

They don’t exist in your dashboard because that’s not how proxied records work. In your dashboard you will have DNS entries which point to your origin servers. If you don’t want the records to be proxied change the status from :orange: to :grey: .


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