.PH Domain

Does Cloudflare support .ph domain? Ex. www.tester.ph. Thanks.

It will support that for DNS and SSL etc. But not for registrar AFAIK.

Thanks for replying sir. But i think the cdn is not working on my site i don’t understand, i did the steps correctly though.

The link of my assets is still on my domain not on Cloudflare.

What makes you think it is not working? What is your domain?

This is my domain sir. https://signity.ph/

That domain does not appear to be pointing to Cloudflare. The nameservers have not been changed.

I changed it now sir.

If you have now set your nameservers to Cloudflare, it will likely take some time to propagate.

Oh, so does that mean that if my status is active now. It will take some time to be propagate?

Your nameservers are still showing as domaincontrol.com, if you have changed them to Cloudflare, it may take some time.

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Oh yeah you’re right sir. I will wait for a while now. Thanks!

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