pfSense RFC 2136 Clients

It appears that my pfSense is working with Cloudflare (best I can tell). Now I am questioning this tab within pfSense:

What exactly are your questions, or your problems with Cloudflare? How may we help you?

Do I need to set this up and what do I put in there?

According to a Google Search the RFC 2136 can update/change DDNS if my IP Address changes from my ISP?

Well if you want a DynDNS/DDNS then you should fill it out and save. But first you should know/understand what it does and what it is for. If you don’t know, you surely will not need it.

About what you have to fill in at another service/application, is something, that you should ask at their support. Since I already can tell from the screenshot, hovering the fields will give you a hint on what shall be typed in there.

pfSense is not Cloudflare, so to get support on what you have to fill in there is something they should direct you in the right direction - even if I think that it is selfexplaining and has clickable lables :slight_smile:

If there is a problem with Cloudflare, or you do have some Cloudflare specific questions please let us know.

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You are welcome! This forum is for Cloudflare, not for some complete other company/application.

If you buy their product, ask for their support.

Besides that, reading and trying to understand that page that riddles you, would have gotten you way further. I hope I can say that so clear, but this is the wrong place for such request, I think.

Also, you have not been able to articulate any specific question nor described a problem with Cloudflare, or any bug/misbehavior.

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