Petalbot not being blocked

Hi all please could you assist
I have superbot enabled plus i have the rules taken from the community ie
copy pasted into my WAF rules
plus I created a separate rule on WAF saying
(http.user_agent contains “Petalbot”) or (http.user_agent contains "petalsearch ")
still looking at my logs there it is on my sever
I know because i can go to the realtime logs bot traffic
what am I doing wrong
how can i check to see if somehow its bypassing Cloudflare and going direct to my server
FYI logged a support ticked with Cloudflare been 3 days is that normal (no response)

Ticket response times vary by subscription plan among other criteria. Your fastest option will almost always be to use the Community.

Will your server accommodate Authenticated Origin Pull? That will prevent a response to any requests that are not routed through Cloudflare.

If all web traffic to your server uses Cloudflare, you can use your server firewall to only allow web connections from Cloudflare IPs.

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all sounds good what should I start with
must i contact my hosting company and ask if my server has
Authenticated Origin Pull

not sure what this means

must this be configured by my hosting company were my server lives or on the Cloudflare firewall

I checked with my hosting company were my server is
and they confirmed they do support Authenticated Origin Pull
I assume then I must configure at Cloudflare
and you perhaps guide me with this. or send me documentation to show me how

The guide was in my previous reply.

Your hosting provider can answer any questions you have about restricting access to Cloudflare IPs. If you are on shared hosting, it is unlikely that they will be able to accommodate such a configuration.

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PetalBot will respect robots.txt, so adding the following to your robots.txt should stop them within 24 hours or so.

User-agent: PetalBot 
Disallow: /
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thank you will definately try that

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