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Hello. I use the Forward Url feature and set my domain IP to the default Cloudflare ( Can I have an email with a personal domain? That means both domain forwarding and personal email with the domain I registered in Cloud Flare.

There’s an email forwarding service that’s in limited beta right now. But there is no hosted email here.

Does this mean I can not use Cloudflare for my purpose?

When the Email Forwarding launches you will be able to forward your email ([email protected]) to somewhere like a free ProtonMail mailbox. But Cloudflare have not announced a mailbox service (yet?)

Can I use ProtonMail while enabling URL Forward in Cloudflare?

If you’re on a paid plan at Protonmail, you can use a custom domain and they’ll provide all the DNS records you’d need to add to your Cloudflare account.

The URL forward would be other DNS records with a Page Rule, like this:

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