Personal and Corporate Warp Account

Hello, my business uses warp for office and app connections but in my personal life I also use Warp for being secure in untrustworthy networks. How can I use both account same time in same computer. Everytime I need to switch account I needed to remember my account key. I don’t wanna hold it in my desktop that key needs to be private and I don’t wanna deal this stuff everytime I need to do that change. What can I do ?


Unfortunately, iirc, I don’t think that the thing you ask is possible. WARP (via Zero Trust) has the options to prevent users from even turning it off, so it doesn’t make sense that Cloudflare includes a feature to switch to your personal account, because then you’ll be able to bypass every restriction set by your network admin.

I’m not an expert (I’ve been using WARP just for a month, with ZT), but the best solution I can thing of is what you are currently doing. You could eventually use a password manager, and you’ll just need to remember your master key instead of that long account key.

If that still doesn’t convince you, you could also try setting up a personal Zero Trust account, and you’ll forget about long account keys.

Hope it helps!

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