Persistent Redirection Issue with CloudFlare Enabled


I’m reaching out for assistance regarding a redirection issue I’m encountering on my website. Here are the details of the situation:

Domain name: X
DNS A Record: Points to IP address X
DNS Proxy Record (Cloudflare): Enabled for domain X

Problem Description:
When I try to access my website at the address “X” using various browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, I receive an error message stating: “The page isn’t redirecting properly. The browser has stopped waiting for a response from the site. The site is redirecting in a way that will never complete the request.” Or “TOO_MANY_REQUESTS”.

I have verified and confirmed that the configuration of the DNS A record correctly points to IP address X. I have disabled the Cloudflare cache in an attempt to resolve the issue, but the redirection loop persists. I have followed the recommendations to clear cookies and cache in my browser, but the problem persists.

I hope you can assist me with this issue.

Take a look at the community tip here:


On the Cloudflare side, I’ve disabled HTTP → HTTPS redirection. That should do it?

No. You need to make sure that Cloudflare is using Full (strict) encryption.

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It doesn’t work, check devorion . fr


That’s likely because, you do not have a valid certificate at the origin. So, it’s throwing a invalid SSL error! For more info, read the following Tutorial

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I think it’s settled

It probably isn’t. The issue @neiljay mentioned is still there. Make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict (as already mentioned), otherwise you have no encryption.


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