Persistent 525 error SSL handshake - origin host passing the buck

Getting these 525 handshake errors intermittently all day on multiple sites. Origin host are denying any culpability yet there suggestion of pausing cloudflare results in 520 ‘Web server is returning an unknown error’

Any ideas how to resolve this would be appreciated?

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We are also getting this…

Is your host 20i by any chance?

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It is indeed 20i. They are not being very helpful at all.

Damn it, thought so…

That seems to place this at the Origin server. When you Pause Cloudflare, did you wait five minutes? You probably did, and that 520 wasn’t one of the Cloudflare error screens. Just checking…

Yes, the 520 was permanent until I enabled cloudflare again.

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Well, I moved a bunch of sites to another host with the same cloudflare set up and the problem went away.
So 20i’s insistence that this issue falls at Cloudflare’s feet is not correct.


Which host provider did you get with? I’m with bluehost having a similar issue.

Some sites to Kinsta and some to Siteground, the issue hasn’t reoccurred with either. I should add though, in both instances, I am using a lets-encrypt as the origin certificate whereas I was using Cloudflare’s own before.

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