Persistent 520/525 which disappears after reloading

Hello all!

I am trying to setup cloudflare to work with my express app, however whenever I load my website (, I get error 525, which subsequently disappears after 1-3 reloads. My SSL/TLS encryption mode is set to Full (Strict), and I have generated an origin certificate from cloudflare which I am currently using. I have made sure everything has propagated correctly.

I have tried toggling different settings in cloudflare, with no luck. I tried to set the encryption mode to flexible, however the error just changed to 520, after which 1-3 reloads and the site loads (same as Full - strict just different error). I have tried using different browsers and different clients. I have made sure ports are unblocked, restarted my server, checked my certificates are working correctly etc etc and aside from the error upon first loading the page, everything works fine.

Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

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