I moved my domain to another registrant last friday. On the same day, I changed the nameservers on the new registrant to point to cloudflare and I added the domain on cloudflare.

The DNS is also setup but I keep getting this error on some locations in the world. Some locations do resolve tho, see here:

Here’s my DNS setup:

On GoDaddy (the new registrant) I setup the nameservers to use’ Cloudflare’s:

What am I doing wrong here!?

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You forgot to disable or update DNSSEC at your registrar.


Ahh you’re a hero! Thanks!
I removed the record at my registrant. Do you know if I can trigger a refresh so it updates or do I just have to wait? It’s been days since the nameservers change and adding the domain to cloudflare so I wonder if it will propagate correctly without me doing anything?


It will check on its own. I don’t know of any way to expedite the query. Don’t forget to activate DNSSEC in Cloudflare and update your registrar after your zone is active in Cloudflare.


Okay thanks!

I wonder why this particular domain has this issue. Ive done about 15 domains the past week and they did not have this issue.

So I let it propagate, make sure it works in all locations (check whatsmydns) and then add the DNSSEC?


Most likely your other domains weren’t using DNSSEC.

You certainly can use that website. You can also just check in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app to see if the zone is listed as active. Even faster is to use your favorite command line tool.

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