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To whom it might help with this.

Just to give a bit of background, I’ve created my personalised email address using the subscription from Apple, using my Apple ID and creating my name + surname domain.

I’m receiving my monthly analytics on the performance of my website, however, I was only aiming to have an email address and not a website. There is no actual website and the information when the website is reached is as follows:

“The owner of this domain hasn’t put up a website yet. Try visiting again soon. This domain is registered using Cloudflare Registrar.”

Is there any chance or way that when people go to my website will not find it?

What’s the best option?

Pause Cloudflare on this site


Remove this site from Cloudflare

Just to stress my intent out is that I just needed a personlised email address and not a website.

Just delete the DNS A records for and

If all you want is email then the only records that need to exist are the MX, DMARC, SPF and DKIM records.

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Hello Michael,

Thanks for the response. Is there any documentation on the website that I can check in order to delete the DNS? Consider that I do not really understand much about this stuff.

If I go to the “DNS Record” section I can see as follows:
cname (twice), mx (twice), txt (twice).

Do I need to delete the first 2 cname?


That would be Apple’s own support article here: Set up an existing domain with iCloud Mail - Apple Support

You left out pertinent details showing where those CNAME records point to. Some email providers may use CNAME for authentication/verification purposes… so it’s impossible to advise you without knowing what those exact CNAME records are.

If you can provide a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS settings, we can take a look and advise you accordingly.

Alternatively, you may follow Apple’s support article above and ensure you have ONLY the DNS records they provide.

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Hello and thanks for replying to my question.

Please find attached the screenshot as per request.

Let me know whether other information is needed.


This is an iCloud+ only email domain I just created. These are the only records that need to exist.

Thank you Michael.

So in my case, I have to remove the first CNAME as per screenshot (below). Am I right?

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Yes, delete that and users attempting to access your website will get an error like DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN, the same as if you typed in any random domain name that does not exist into the address bar.

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Thank you so so so much Michael.

You’ve been very helpful!


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