Permissions, something seems strange

Greetings CF community. :partyparrot: So, I installed an app from the CF marketplace known as “Logflare”, and I decided to check up to see what it had access to, exactly. It supposedly uses “workers” to manage everything, etc. I could not/cannot find any area of my dashboard within CF (for my website in question or account as a whole) which would allow me to review who/what has access to what. Strange. Like, no checkup tools?

Furthermore, when I view all my workers for the account/site in question, I see no reference to any created workers at all, let alone Logflare’s? Also, seems strange? Who/how is managing this process?

I contacted CF support, and the conversation is below. I’ve since removed Logflare.

However, for verification and for future verification for apps, how/where can I see what’s authorized in my account with CF?

Their latest response which refers me to this community:

CF’s first response:

And I will post the response I which prompted the image attached to the main post next:

Lots of things here use Workers. Zaraz is a Worker. If you’ve enabled Zaraz, it inserts a Worker into your pipeline, but you’ll never see it in your Workers listing. Disable Zaraz, and that worker is removed from your pipeline.

Logflare is the same. You enabled it in Apps, so it was in your traffic’s pipeline. Remove it, and it’s gone.