Permission to use cloudflare material?


My name is Bill MacKenty and I work at the non-profit American School of Warsaw as a computer science teacher. I teach grades 9 through 12 computer science. I am writing to ask for permission to use your content located here:

…in my classroom wiki. This wiki is non-commercial. It is used by my students to learn about computer science. It is not password protected, nor is there any login system. There are no ads on this wiki. The wiki can be retrieved from url:

I will reference your material and a link back to your site will be visible from the same page the content is cited with a footnote and a link in the references section. I spent time looking for a suitable email contact for permission to use on cloudflare, but I was not successful. This is why I am posting here. Perhaps someone in the community knows who I can send this request to?

I look forward to your reply and appreciate your response.


Bill MacKenty

I don’t expect there will be issues, but I can’t give that for sure.

Maybe @cloonan can.

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Hi @bmackenty, I cannot see a reason we’d not want to support this use of the Learning Center content (I’ve shared your request with the team that creates that content to let them know their work is appreciated!), but best to share this request with our team for formal permission.

Would you email support AT cloudflare DOT com with your request? When you receive an automated reply, please respond back you’d like the request escalated to Legal for review. Then, please share your ticket number here and I’ll make sure it’s in the proper queue. Thank you!


Thank you!

My ticket number is #1811938

Perfect, thank you. I see the ticket and added myself to it and see your request to escalate to legal.

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