Permission to send emails denied

My application is not able to send emails via the server.

I’m using google’s smtp to shoot, but even if I change the port number, I get a permission denied message

Note: this only happens on the server, at localhost everything works perfectly.

can you help me?

If you get an SMTP message that is something you need to clarify with your mail provider. Otherwise it might be that you connect to a proxied address, in which case you should make sure the record is :grey:.

So, as I am new to this segment, could you explain me in more detail?


#Tutorials has a dedicated article for email issues. Email generally is not handled by Cloudflare.

What is the error message you get?

An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions

And even if I change the server and port information, in the code the message doesn’t change

That message is not very clear. What address are you trying to connect to?

These are the settings imported from the server (goDaddy)

The question is where you are connecting to. Again, Cloudflare does not handle email. If you connect to a proxied address you need to :grey: it. Otherwise you need to talk to your mail provider.

Ah yes, I’m connecting to the gmail server

Then you need to talk to Google and/or your server administrator. Cloudflare is not involved here.



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