Permanent redirect

I’m looking to permanently redirect from to to I have followed the tutorial for 301 redirects and added a proxied A record on to .com DNS setting pointing to the correct IP address (.io address) but it will not allow me to add a www. A record, I am receiving the follow error message “A CNAME record with that host already exists. (Code: 81054)”

Can you advise?

What type of record you have in this situation does not matter. What is important is that there is a DNS record for the source hostname, and that the record is :orange:.

The error message is because you cannot have (for example) an A and a CNAME record for the at the same time. If there is already a CNAME in place, just make sure it is :orange:.

Right now you have a circular redirect in place on


Hi Michael, thanks for your help. I have now changed the existing www CNAME record tp :orange:.

Can you explain what you man by circular redirect? I’m looking to 301 it to

Right now all requests get a 301 to the same Url that was requested:

% curl -o /dev/null --dump-header - --silent | egrep -i '^HTTP|^Location'
HTTP/2 301

OK - can you advise how I change this to redirect to .IO address ?

Presuming you followed the tutorial, your Page rule should have the .io domain as the destination in your Page Rule.

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